The best way to learn piano.

Do you play piano? Vignettes is a new way to learn; lessons for people who don't like lessons. Learn the techniques the pros use on stage and in the studio..


No more wasted time.

No sight reading. No crazy scales. No tests or certificates. No hype. Vignettes teaches you real world piano; exactly what you need for songwriting, studio, or live playing. All taught by a pro with years of experience and credits.

Made to make you better.

It's simple, really: Vignettes teaches you how to create parts that play easier and sound better. Chords. Melody. Structure. Note choice.

You choose what you want to learn. You choose the pace. You'll be better.

7 free days in the full program. All access.

Lessons are short, simple, and relaxing. No tests.

Practice tracks are yours to keep forever.

Learn from a Pro.

Ever seen a course that seems to be more about the instructor than the learning? Vignettes focuses on the piano. Vignettes is curated and taught by Matt Stanfield, a studio player who has worked on records for artists like Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban, Michael W Smith, Kacey Musgraves and Sam Hunt. Matt has also written for brands like Google, Coke, and ESPN. Vignettes allows you to tap into Matt's experience.

Made for Creatives.

"So what is it exactly?" Vignettes is a modern video course that helps you think differently about the piano. While most courses emphasize speed or complexity, Vignettes emphasizes musicality and taste. The speed and complexity will come if that's what you want, but in the meantime, when you simplify and play better parts, everything improves.

The lessons are short and focus on a single approach, technique, chord change or song form. The lessons are also all single takes as far as the playing goes. This means the lessons are extremely musical and smooth, and feel less like lessons and more like looking over the shoulder of a pro.

What's more, many lessons come with a downloadable practice track. No more boring metronomes; the practice tracks are musical and help you learn in context.

If you can play a little... or a lot...  but want to improve, or if you know there's more than what traditional lessons offer, Vignettes is exactly what you need.

Vignettes is for musicians, producers, and songwriters, artists, kids and worship leaders. We've had people age 16 to 60 go through the lessons, and all have seen serious upgrades in their playing after starting the course.

Best of all, Vignettes is not just a static course; it's always expanding. New lessons are added monthly based on customer feedback and industry trends. That means when you become a part of the Vignettes Community, you have access to future lessons as well. And you decide how fast or slow you want to move.


A look behind the scenes; what you get when you log on to your Vignettes account.


Here's a clip from a lesson that's become a favorite in the Vignettes Community; this is how all of the lessons are laid out: one concept, presented in a simple, easy manner.


Another clip from one of the "Tenths" series lessons.

"As a non-technical producer, my greatest challenge is how to let musicians play the songs as written while never losing heart. Matt has the rare combination of sophisticated musicality while never compromising on artistic integrity.  His knowledge and experience is invaluable..."

Shane McAnally

"After watching one of the Inspire Lessons, the way I approach the piano was totally reinvented..."


 James Galbraith

Made for Inspiration.

Normal lessons are boring. Vignettes lessons are made to inspire. In fact, there's an entire category of lessons in the course simply called the Inspire Series.

The lessons are set against modern pop tracks; no more stale metronomes for practice. You practice and learn in a very musical context, and some lessons include downloadable practice tracks.

 Vignettes will help you start thinking differently about:

chords / patterns / melody / note choice / left hand technique / inversions / chart reading / musicianship

Made for Modern Life.

Vignettes is made for today's fast-paced life. The average lesson is three minutes, and you can access your content wherever life takes you. Best of all, a Vignettes subscription is $39 per month. Pay nothing to start, with 7 free days to try the course.


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